Here, have a rant.

Dear World-Out-There,


I thought it time I have a rant. Pet peeves and stuff. Here we go:


  • People who drink and drive. Are you absolutely dumb? What part of the “don’t drink and drive, you will screw up” logic do you not understand? If you have a driver’s license, it means you can read. If you can read, you must have some level of education. If you have some level of education, you must have applied your brain to numerous concepts over the course of your education and been able to deduce certain things using logic. So, if you have logic, what the hell are you doing drinking and driving? Seriously. Think about it, numbnut.
  • People who litter. It does not take much brain power to think about and realise that, when you toss something out of the car window, nobody is going to come behind you and pick it up. Mother Earth is, also, not equipped to pick up your litter for you (even though she’s done a damn fine job providing you with food, sunshine and a planet to live) so, what the heck are you doing chucking your takeaway box on the ground? Seriously. Think about it, litterbug.
  • People who think that, just because someone has a different home language to them, if they speak louder, they can be understood. Um, interpreting and understanding language has nothing to do with the volume with which it is spoken. Get it, and get it good.
  • Spelling of really simple words. Words people really need to spell are: disappointed; definitely; lose; loose (they are not the same word!); lightning, and my favourite, weird. Seriously. People. Look these words up in that big book whose name starts with a D (that’s a dictionary, darlings), and learn to spell them. Thank you.
  • Cliche phrases. Drop them, and say what you really mean, doofnab. For true. Thank you.


And thus endeth my rant for today. I just had to get it off my chest.

5 thoughts on “Here, have a rant.

  1. On the people of a different home language point: people, speaking in a badly imitated accent will not make it any easier for the person of a different home language to understand English. You’re being patronising and sound like an idiot

  2. I spelt “loser” as “looser” on Twitter the other day. I don’t know what suddenly made me think about it later, but it made me feel all sweaty and uncomfortable and like I should go back and retweet it or something.

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